Job Creators

A teaching artist who uses hip-hop to engage students. A political science major who runs a chess organization. An independent media star who aims to change the world for animals. It seems that everywhere I look, I run into someone who, instead of choosing a traditional job, has developed and jumped into his or her own made-up profession. More and more, my peers are realizing their passions and pursuing them with, well, passion.

As I take my own seemingly never-ending journey to discover my “calling,” I look to these individuals as role models. Their persistence and bravery seem to hover somewhere up in the stratosphere, at a level far beyond my grasp. Even if the courage lies dormant inside me, waiting to be called upon, there’s still this issue of knowing what to be when I grow up. Not to mention believing I’ll ever feel “grown up.” I can’t help but think of the times when I exit the grocery store and ride the cart down the hill to my car. Or the times I choose to pretend the curb is a balance beam, instead of walking on the sidewalk. Or, you get the idea.

I went to school for mass communications because I enjoy thinking critically about the media. I began working in non-profits because I have very little (okay, zero) motivation to make rich people richer, or to spend time convincing people to buy things they don’t need. I have volunteered for a variety of animal protection organizations and animal rights causes, because it’s what my thoughts keep directing me toward, much to the annoyance of my friends and family.

I love public speaking. I love interacting with people and engaging in conversations about important issues. I love eating vegetables and not eating animals. I love writing and editing and telling jokes and making friends. I have no idea how these interests translate into a job, whether it’s one that already exists or one I create for myself someday.

So, for now, I write. Maybe I’ll figure out what my calling is. Maybe I’ll make other discoveries. Maybe you will. Let’s do this.